General information on language courses

We have developed the ideal learning system for our customers. You can get started at any time.

After a detailed placement test and the informational talk, we are more than happy to discuss with you which of our standard or special courses is most suitable for you.

We have designed our learning contents in a way that makes it possible for you to complete a module after either 24 or 48 lessons.

Language courses - Learn German - the individual language institute  in Graz - Language and Culture - Learn Languages - Austria

You can participate in a standard course on all levels (A1-C2) for 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Literacy courses


The aim of this course is to ensure basic literacy and to teach fundamental German skills both orally and in writing. The materials we use are simple, structured clearly, supported visually and strongly related to everyday life.

Pre-courses in elementary education allow our customers to acquaint themselves with frequently used tasks and exercises, teach basic language structures and provide the perfect basis for successfully mastering the German language.

sprache & kultur takes into account all different learning styles and incorporates listening texts, phonetic differentiation, dictations and learning videos into the classes.

German phonetics

Our phonetics course aims at being able to understand and intelligibly speak German. Using games, we practice lexical stress, speech tempo, rhythm, speech melody and individual sounds. This training increases the communicative competence and reduces inhibitions to speak German.

In this course, learning involves all senses and pronunciation is connected to vocabulary and grammar. Mixed groups make it possible to benefit from each other and to make learning a fun experience.

Writing workshop

This training introduces you to different writing occasions and allows practicing strategies for writing the most important text types.

Tasks strongly related to everyday life guide you from a single word to a text, all the while practicing specific sentence structures and stylistic features of the different text types using a range of different topics.

Conversation courses

This very active training aims to prepare you for different everyday situations and perfectly prepares you for the oral part of your German exam.

Be it small talk with a colleague, apartment hunting or a conversation with an insurance agent – you will be able to master all these situations with ease!


German for professional groups

These courses are targeted at customers who specifically want to increase their language competence for the career they aspire after. We develop individual solutions for all our customers, taking into consideration their specific requirements.

Our courses focus on being able to express yourself in German. We teach our customers the most important technical terms for being able to communicate in the respective profession, focussing on the reading, listening, speaking and writing strategies needed to communicate appropriately in work life.

The participants learn to understand intercultural differences at the work or training place and acquire relevant qualifications for the desired profession.


We offer classes in small groups in and around Graz (i.e. Graz Umgebung). Upon request, we can also organise in-house courses.

This communicative and activity-oriented training aims to prepare our customers for work life in Austria and to improve their oral and written language competence in a lasting way. We teach work-related knowledge of the German language on levels A1/B1+ as well as vocabulary needed to carry out the specific job and a range of useful phrases. Using specific examples related to practice and communicative role plays, our customers are prepared for the most important everyday situations.

Teaching and learning contents:

  • Requirements for starting a career

  • application guide

  • preparing for a job interview

  • communicating at the workplace: body language and clothes

  • processing orders: enquiry, offer, order

  • complaints

  • appointments and punctuality at the workplace

  • work contracts and sick notes

  • taxes and social security contributions

  • phone calls

  • computer applications and social media

Language courses - Learn German - the individual language institute  in Graz - Language and Culture - Learn Languages - Austria

Special language courses for passing all kinds of examinations

Language is not the aim, but a means to an end!

This is why we prepare you for all kinds of examinations (entrance examinations, final apprenticeship examinations, school leaving examination). You will learn to understand tasks and to complete them appropriately.

You will be prepared for the respective test format (multiple choice, team work …). You can practice how to communicate with examiners and familiarise yourself with a typical exam situation. This reduces nervousness, increases your self-confidence and will make you more convinced of your own speaking skills.


Possible options:

  • final apprenticeship examination

  • school leaving examination

  • entrance examination for BORG, university, universities of applied sciences

  • nursing school

  • care assistance

  • driver licence

  • taxi driver licence, forklift licence

  • different types of trainings and further trainings

Language courses - Learn German - the individual language institute  in Graz - Language and Culture - Learn Languages - Austria

Language courses for apprentices and apprenticeship graduates

You want to improve your writing skills? Not worry about spelling when writing an email? Say everything you want to say and convince others with your words?

Book the language training that you need for your career. Our individual support guarantees success.


Funds are available for people younger than 25. For further information, please go to: www.kursfö or come by our institute.

Language courses for job seekers


You want to apply for a job and win the interviewer over in a job interview?

You want to increase your job-related vocabulary and improve your communication skills?

English and other languages

Besides German, we also offer numerous other language courses. Our courses are customized and perfect for all those who want to learn a language quickly and effectively. We work with native speakers and a range of trainers.

We offer all languages you might want to learn. Just contact us, we will gladly provide you with an overview of all the languages we offer.

Our specialty:
You will learn a lot more than just a language. The cultural background and the respective mind-set are part of our courses as well.

Just give it a try!